Other supported platforms

Platform: [Expense level and subscription rate/month]Up to $5,000Up to $10,000Up to $15,000Over $15,000
Zoho Books$90$115$175Ask for pricing
Wave$75$100$150Ask for pricing
ZipBooks$75$100$150Ask for pricing
Accounting Suite$95$130$190Ask for pricing
Patriot$75$100$150Ask for pricing
Sage Accounting $80$115$160Ask for pricing
Example: If your business is on the Wave platform and has average monthly expenses (excluding payroll) of up to $5000, your monthly subscription rate will be $75.

On the supported platforms, your subscription will include monthly bookkeeping assistance and advice, following our review of account balances, categorization, unpaid items, account reconciliations, and all other item entries created by you and recorded on the platform during and for the subscribed period. Assistance does not include the initial entry activities which will be your responsibility; such as, writing and recording check payments, electronic payment and recording of paid bills, customer invoicing, collections, processing and payment of payroll, etc. Assistance and advice on entered items recorded and dated outside of the subscribed period, even if created during the subscribed period, may be subject to additional fees. Subscriptions must be active or paid on contiguous months and therefore cannot be cancelled and restarted within your calendar or applicable fiscal year. Please refer to your engagement letter/contract for more information about what is and is not included and other terms of service. No long-term contracts are required and contracts may be cancelled on 30 days notice by either party.