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Dead-On Bookkeeping™ – Quickbooks Online exclusive. 40% off first 3 months for new clients. Limited time offer.
Full Service Jaydoo™ options – BETTER than Pilot.com & Bench.co, you can build a plan that fits your business needs.
Freshify™ – Freshbooks exclusives. Introductory offer!!!! 20% off for limited time!!!! (Discount applicable to monthly ongoing services. Discount does not apply to Prior-period Add-On)
Other supported platforms – Monthly bookkeeping assistance available on other popular platforms, including Zoho Books, ZipBooks, Accounting Suite, Wave, Patriot, and Sage Accounting.
Payroll Subscriptions – all alone, or complete your package.
Papernado™ – offering a variety of digital and mobile solutions that can help rein in the “tornado of paperwork” that your business has become. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today to begin your journey toward a sunnier day.
Approval workflow for your business process with audit trails. Provide, or request, approvals with the convenience of web and mobile access in the office, in the field, in quarantine, or “on vacation”. Whether you need one or several approvers for…new vendors, large purchases, PTO, advance payments, customer allowances, project contracts, systems access requests…..take your pick.
Invoicing and Receivable accounting – [ Coming soon ]
Bill Payment and Payables accounting – Ask us how!!!
Reconstruction services – Using your original source documents, including bank and credit card statements, that may be in pdf, paper, or other format, we can use cutting-edge technology and AI to rebuild a set of records or help you recover from catastrophic loss of data. Schedule a free 30 minute appointment to discuss your case with an advisor.
Other Services – [ Coming soon ]
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Intuit Quickbooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Online
Quickbooks Payroll
Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner
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